I have always struggled with faith. I remember as a child I was told of a God that was everywhere and could see and knew everything. As a child it had to be true, a grownup said it, but even then I remembered having doubts.

I guess I would call my self agnostic, but atheist seems a little more fun.
I have found comfort in the lack of a God. It has me focused on NOW! To make the best of NOW. Doing the right thing now, being the best I can be now. Because when it’s over, it’s over. This is all that counts.
Maybe if these religious nuts thought this way. Maybe if the money hungry politicians thought this way. Maybe they would be a little more concerned on doing what’s right, and protecting the things that are important, the environment, the poor, the sick. Instead of having “faith,” that just because they believe what a book says they will get to spend eternity in paradise. Maybe then they would be focused on making the here and now more like paradise.


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